Cici Coleman opens up about the difficulties of finding a work-life balance 

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This week on The Dating Show, Cici and Pete discuss the struggles of balancing work schedules and relationship quality time.

Talking about her previous love experiences, Cici said: “Because my exes have been brilliant at it, I’m going to finally give them a compliment. Because they’ve had nine to fives, so at six o’clock, they switch off, they don’t go to the emails and I’ve always commended them for it, because my love language is quality time.”

She continued: “So I’d like to have and spend quality time with my partner. And I can’t think of anything worse than them being on their phones. So I’m now really conscious of it too. So because my life isn’t nine to five, I will say, ‘I just need half an hour to write and reply to my emails. And I’m back to you. And I think the communication in that is really important. Letting them know rather than trying to multitask.”


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You can listen to the full episode of The Dating Show, also featuring Cheryl Hole, tomorrow from 6 PM on FUBAR Radio.

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