Catherine Tate issues apology to Pete Bennett for cutting his scene out of The Nan Movie

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Big Brother’s Pete Bennett reveals that Catherine Tate reached out to him personally to apologise after his scene was savagely cut from her new film, plus teases a secret upcoming project with her.

Chatting to hosts Bobby Norris and Stephen Leng on Access All Areas, the 40 year-old disclosed that Catherine had reached out to him directly to apologise prior to the film’s release: Just before the film came out, I got a very apologetic email from Catherine Tate saying due to purely technical reasons, our scene in the lift together has been cut out and she’s gutted.”

The Nan Movie, which stars Catherine Tate and Mathew Horne, was released on 18th March. Pete travelled out to Dublin to shoot his scene for the feature film in 2019 and spent years anticipating its release, before being served the news only shortly before the premiere. The actor admitted he was gutted: “I was like noooo, it’s such a shame, I was so pissed off.”

However, having had time to come to terms with the decision, Pete was able to see the positives and respected the fact Catherine had come to him directly with the news: “I took it on the chin and it was so sweet that Catherine apologised herself in the email.”

The actor revealed it was his agent who first suggested he audition for the role: “[Catherine] wanted people with Tourette’s in it. So my agent said, ‘hey this might be good for you’ and I said, well of course it is!”

However, the reality star revealed he didn’t just get the part ‘willy nilly’, as he had to go up to London and audition properly with Catherine herself: “In my audition I just called her all the names under the sun and she called me lots of rude words as well… I was really happy because I really like her, I’m a massive fan.”

But it appears that Pete wasn’t the only one who was star struck, as he revealed that Catherine had a soft spot for him as well: “I went out there buzzing you know coz she’s going ‘you’re off the telly’ and I was like, ‘you’re actually star struck… with me?’ She liked me! She actually knew me from Big Brother.”

Despite being cut, the Lovedogz singer still attended the film’s premiere which was held at The Ham Yard Hotel in London on 15th March. He admitted the film worked well despite his scene not being included: “I did watch the film and I still think it’s a wicked film. I laughed my head off and its fine that this bit is cut out because the pacing is really good.”

The star went on to tease some future projects he has planned with the comedian: “Here’s a little bit of inside information. We might possibly be working on something in the future.”

He quipped: “‘Ohhhh, what’s gonna happen…?’ I don’t know, but she kind of did say, ‘don’t worry Pete, we’re gonna do something.’”

Listen to the full episode of Access All Areas, also featuring Jess Impiazzi here.

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