Perfect Match winner Christine Obanor slams her co-star and ex Nigel Jones for cheating on her and being a “gas lighter” and “manipulator”.
Chatting to hosts Bobby Norris and Ellen Coughlan on the showbiz gossip programme Access All Areas, the reality star revealed the moment she found out Nigel had been unfaithful to her. “I found out that he was still messing with his ex the entire time that he was messing with me. I had a feeling in my heart that his ex was still in the picture. So I DMed her on Instagram and I said “call me” and I gave her my number. She FaceTimed me and told me everything and I just started to perceive him in a different light. I thought I don’t want anybody to lie to me, so I threw him in the FaceTime call and he continued to gaslight and manipulate me on that call. At that moment I was just like who have I been head over heels for for the past nine months? I just felt like everything was a lie.”
She continued: “He turned on me and at that moment that’s when I learned my position in his life and felt like a second option. He was saying he was never sexually attracted to me. He said “you should have taken the signs when I didn’t see you”. It’s so messed up to say that. I think he was playing both sides. We knew about each other, but he’d brush it off and make it seem less than what it was. They were never officially a couple either. One thing about him, he’s not putting a title on it. He’s literally the definition of emotionally unavailable. It was another situationship like mine and his was. He was talking to her even while he was on Perfect Match.”
Later in the interview, Christine opened up about the emotional toll the alleged manipulation has had on her: “I feel like the past couple of days I’ve been kind of like conflicted on protecting him and protecting what really kind of happened because I do care for him. I’m not being emotional my feelings are valid. I’ve been gaslit, I’ve been manipulated throughout this relationship. It’s exhausting and it’s draining because he does have my heart. I don’t want to say the door is open because I know that I’m not respecting myself and I’m just going to waste more years of my life because he showed me his true colours and I don’t know how much longer I can continue to make excuses for his behaviour. I’ve told him multiple times ‘you need therapy’ and I admit I need therapy too. We’re both damaged. We’re both hurt.”

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