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Extended interviews with your favourites from the big and small screen.

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My 3 favourite things TV,Film and Dan Clark


These podcasts are the one 👌🏼there's not many radio shows that make me laugh out loud and share my passion for TV and Film. There are one or two other movie talk shows but can be too deep. The balance of great guests, Dan's lightning wit and features such as 'Guilty Pleasures' are perfect. Any show that plays 'shut your f#%^ing face uncle f#*+er' from South Park has won me over.

Just hilarious!


To listen to something that makes you laugh fully out loud every episode is rare and this is just so funny. Dan is excellent with all the guests and it's great listening to them talking about themselves and their careers. Subscribe!



Entertaining, intelligent, and always very funny. Dan is a great host and along with a range of top guests, has made me a regular listener. I'm not even a big film fan, but you can't help but get carried away with his enthusiasm!

What a great show!


I love listening to this show each week. Great presenter, interesting guests and an insight into the film and TV industry you don't get elsewhere.



Actor and writer Dan Clark (How Not To Live Your Life) interviewed the best established and emerging acting and writing talent from the big and small screen.

Guests included Simon Day (Fast Show, Brian Pern), Mark Gatiss (League of Gentlemen, Sherlock), Thomas Turgoose (This is England), Stephen Merchant (The Office), Reece Shearsmith (The League of Gentlemen) and comedian/rapper Doc Brown (Ricky Gervais – Life on the road).