Love Island star Adam Maxted opens up about split from co-star and moving to the USA

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Former Love Island star Adam Maxted has opened up about his relationship with Arabella Chi and ambitions to become a professional wrestler in America.

Chatting to host Gabby Allen on the health and fitness show What the Health?!, the personal trainer said ‘We were never boyfriend and girlfriend ever, like I knew the girl like a week… we never became official… The first time I was on it, I was coupled up with a couple of people like on season two and it was friend zone instantly because I just felt nothing there. Whereas with Arabella, like there honestly was chemistry there. We did get on really well.’

He continued ‘But when we got on the outside, for me personally, she had just come out of a really high-profile relationship before she went in. And I don’t think she got the time to process that so there were some moments where I knew she was maybe a little caught up with her ex. I’m at a stage now in my life where I’m not going to be an option for someone, I’m going to be someone’s choice…I basically said I’m not going to second guess myself, whether you want to be with me or you want to pursue this. Like if there’s a hint of you that maybe wants to go back up your ex or still wants to maybe see what if that door is still open, like I want that for you because you obviously like the guy fair enough, but I’m just not going to wait around.’

Later in the interview, the reality TV star also spoke about his professional wrestling career ‘I’m still trying to make it big in America. I’ve got an American visa in my passport now, so I feel like I’m in my prime and you will see me on TV in America one day on Sky Sports Wrestling for a big wrestling company.’

He continued: ‘I also had a WWE tryout a couple of years ago. They’re looking at me, they’re keeping an eye. It’s kind of like football, you get scouted. Anyone that’s doing well in wrestling, big companies start looking at you. So, I know I’m on their radar.’

The 32-year-old also opened up about his experience being rejected by WWE ‘I was supposed to get signed by WWE a couple of years ago and then it didn’t happen. And I was a bit frustrated, but then you realise as time goes on, why certain things don’t happen at the same time… it actually made me stronger, more resilient because I’ve had to look within myself and go, right, if I’m not going to be a pro wrestler full -time, what else can I be doing?’

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