S Club 7’s Tina Barrett spills the tea on possible group reunion

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Last week on Access All Areas, S Club 7’s Tina Barrett joined Bobby and Stephen to talk about the iconic music group.

When asked about a possible group reunion, the pop singer said:  “I’d really like it to happen. I know, like I’ve been talking to some of the guys. I spoke to Hannah not so long ago and she’s up for it. And I know Rachel is too. Rachel’s sort of been quite vocal with talking about it in interviews and stuff. So I think we should really. Because we’re like, S Club’s 20 years old, which is crazy.”

Bobby replied: “If you do need to know when it’s happening. Because I have to confess, I know it’s always a little bit cringe to say when you are interviewing someone, I was a massive fan and S Club was a huge part of my life growing up.”


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You can listen back to the full episode of Access All Areas, also featuring  Love Island’s Wes Nelson and TOWIE’s Joey Turner here 

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