TOWIE’s Pete Wicks on being single in his 30s: “You can have your life together and still be single”   

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Last week on The Dating Show, hosts Cici Coleman and Pete Wicks talked about the “social pressure” of settling down.

Talking about being single at 30 years old, Pete said: “Being single, I think is one of those things that, again, we mentioned it like another word last week, selfish. Which has got a bit of a negative connotation and people seem to use being single as a negative thing. Especially when you get to sort of 30 plus. Everyone moans about being single at 30 plus, ‘Why haven’t I found the one? Why am I still single? Why am I this? Why am I that?’ And I don’t see why it is a bad thing. As long as you’re happy.”


The Essex pirate continued: “It’s a social pressure for people when they hit 30 to think, ‘Shit everyone else has got their lives together. And I’m still single’. But we sort of judge people based on them having their lives together, based on the fact that, whether they’re in a relationship and have got kids… You can have your life together and still be single”   


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