TOWIE’s Mario Falcone reveals how he first met his partner, BUT did it really happn? 

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Last week on The Dating Show, former TOWIE star Mario Falcone joined Pete and Cici to play the show’s new feature in partnership with happn.

When asked to tell two stories, which might have truly happened or not, Mario said: “I went on a date, a double date, many many years ago. And that’s how I met Becky. She was part of the other double date.”

He then told his second story: “When I took probably the most numb-minded girl out on a date, we went to see a film. And when we walked in, they gave us the 3D glasses. And then whilst we were watching the film, for the first half an hour, she said to me, ‘Mario, the film was really blurry!’ And she hadn’t put on her glasses.”


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To find out which one of the two stories is true listen back to the full episode here 

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