Drag Race UK star Ginny Lemon calls show ‘misogynistic’ for previously casting ‘cookie-cutter drag queens’

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Drag Race UK star Ginny Lemon shared their frank opinion on previous seasons of RuPaul’s Drag Race and the lack of diversity with competing queens.

Speaking to hosts Bobby Norris and Brooke Odun on Access All Areas, the drag queen discussed being the only contestant to ever choose to leave the competition and finally revealed the honest reason as to why they did: “It was getting so pedestrian, so boring, and, you know, it needed to be shaken up and stood on its ass. And that was part of my job as a drag performer to do.”

The series two star explained how it’s the ‘main platform for drag hands-down’ so it’s important that all varieties of drag are represented: “It’s so good now that we’re seeing a diversity of the people and type of performers coming onto the show. It’s taken itself a little while, but you know, it’s letting all of us on now, which I think is absolutely amazing.”


When quizzed on why they thought the show was getting samey, Ginny, who was one of two non-binary queens in the latest series, said: “There was such a way like, such a generic form of drag that was kind of being represented on that show. And it was basically, you know, hip pads, tits, contour, this and that, going for a very hyper-feminine female illusion, which is, you know, frankly quite outdated in 2021.”


They even went as far as to call it ‘misogynistic’, adding: “I just didn’t want to see these kind of cookie-cutter drag queens that I was seeing, you know. I wanted some queer art, not just people prancing around and having a laugh. I mean, that’s all great and well done, but there are some truly talented performers out there who haven’t got that platform.”

 They finished by noting: “As queer people, what else do we have apart from Drag Race to cling onto, and to kind of perform with? You know, what do we have?”


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