TOWIE’s Bobby Norris admits he ‘got stuck in a rut of having things done’ following decision to have his fillers removed

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TOWIE’s Bobby Norris has discussed his decision to have his facial fillers removed after admitting to previously altering his appearance to excess.

Chatting to co-host Stephen Leng on Access All Areas, the 35-year-old disclosed how he felt it was the right time: I’d just got to a point where I thought it’s time for a change, so I had them dissolved. Big move because I’ve had facial fillers for years.”

The reality star reminisced about how he used to look when he first started having fillers and the journey he’s been on since then: “Fashion comes around and goes around, and when I look back at how I was when I started having them, I used to dye my hair jet black and I used to love a spray tan…. Everything was to excess. Subtle wasn’t in the vocab!”

He added: “Over the last couple of years I have seen things differently and I feel like I’ve changed and I’ve kind of gone on this little bit of a journey. It just was time to ditch them.”

Bobby explained that dissolving the fillers wasn’t something he chose to do lightly: It’s not a decision I made overnight… I’d just got stuck in a rut of having things done.”

The Essex boy also raised his concern as to what the result of removing the fillers would do to his appearance: “It’s kind of a scary thing because obviously, where you’ve had things done, you don’t see underneath the fillers how your face has aged. Underneath them you’re still aging, so there was that scary moment where I thought, ‘am I gonna wake up in 48 hours… How old am I gonna look?’ Because I kind of cheated the process for a few years.”

The TOWIE favourite, who has spoken publicly about trolling in the past, alluded that social media and previous comments played a part in his decision: “We all know how social media can be. I’m not bashing it, I love it as I always say. But people do like to point things out… I was looking back at old photos and I was noticing changes.”

Despite his initial reservations, Bobby is pleased with the end result: “It’s a very good decision for me personally to have got shot. I just feel fresher from it.”

He added: I’m just at a point in my life where a little bit of subtlety is hopefully going to bode me well. Times have changed. Change is good, isn’t it.”

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