Too Hot To Handle’s Robert Van Tromp reveals things are ‘not civil’ with co-star ex-girlfriend after recent split

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Too Hot To Handle’s Robert Van Tromp has revealed that the situation with his ex-girlfriend is far from amicable and admits to eyeing up some of the girls on the latest series.

Chatting to hosts Bobby Norris and Stephen Leng on Access All Areas, the 29-year-old disclosed how he is no longer friends with ex-girlfriend Christina Carmela: I wouldn’t say it’s civil. I think the break-up was civil but we certainly have different interests and priorities in life. I think that has potentially hindered any kind of friendship moving forward.

The pair hit it off on the second series of the popular Netflix franchise which aired in June 2021.  While they stayed together for 9 months, Robert parted ways with the South African pilot in September and has been unable to recover any kind of friendship: I still think she’s obviously very beautiful and she’s been successful in her own right, but in terms of any kind of friendship, I’m not convinced.”

The globe-trotting model went on to explain how maintaining a relationship after appearing on a reality TV show can bedifficult: It’s very much a 5% snapshot of reality and that’s just the way it is. That’s why I think relationships, particularly coming off of a reality show, are hard.”

He also confessed that social media often plays a part in things never appearing as they seem: I know, for example, we might’ve done photos together, me and my ex-girlfriend in the past, and maybe 5 minutes before taking the photo we might’ve been having an argument, we might’ve been at each other’s throats, and then it’s ‘ohh say cheese for the camera’.”

Looking ahead, Robert is now back on the dating scene and excited for what’s to come: “I hadn’t touched a dating app for 6 or 7 years so going on that was madness really. Kind of in this jungle of opportunity.” 

Already eyeing up the cast of Too Hot To Handle season three, which dropped on 19th January 2022, he said: “There’s some nice girls in the line-up […] the show’s called Too Hot To Handle isn’t it, so you know there’s always gunna be some attractive ones.”

He added: “But yeah I mean single days, you never know what’s around the corner.”

Listen to the full episode of Access All Areas, also featuring Victoria Scone and Sian Gabbidon here.

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