Love Island’s Anna Vakili confirms new romance with mystery man

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Love Island’s Anna Vakili confirms she’s in a new relationship despite ‘breaking up every week’, and discusses her decision to have her filler removed.

Chatting to hosts Bobby Norris and Stephen Leng on Access All Areas, the 31-year-old revealed that she is currently dating her sister’s boyfriend’s best mate: I always get with her guy mates, it’s this weird thing that happens. But yeah it’s very fresh at the moment.”

The reality star added that her sister, Mandi Vakili, isfully in a relationship now”, to which Mandi responded: “Yeah but so are you Anna!”

However, it appears the couple could be on the rocks already, after Mandi hinted that things have been a bit up and down for her sister lately: I’m in a relationship now, it’s serious. But Anna, well I think Anna is as well. I don’t know, they just break up every week.”

The former pharmacist explained her struggle with getting into new relationships: “All that stuff that we say about how you should ‘be with someone who makes you a better person and all that,’ it’s easy to say. But when you’re in that situation, no matter what age, you can end up in these toxic relationships and it’s really hard.

“But yeah, I guess I am with someone.”

The former Love Islander admitted that she has quite a negative perspective when it comes to relationships now: “We are a little bit pessimistic when it comes to men and dating.”

Mandi agreed with her sister, commenting: “I feel like when you’ve been in so many relationships, you’re just a bit more realistic about it as well.”

Despite both Vakili sisters now being in relationships, the pair are still very much advocates of not ‘settling down’: “I feel like we’re at that age where everyone is getting married and having kids and we’re just like, I’m getting fucked up this weekend.

“I think it’s important to not just settle because ‘happily ever after’ doesn’t always guarantee a happy ending. Marriage and having kids don’t guarantee a happy ending, it just guarantees an ending.”

Anna, who has previously been coined as the British Kim Kardashian, revealed that her relationship status isn’t the only things that’s changed recently, as she discussed some of the plastic surgery reversal that she and Mandi have undergone: “We wanted to go more to a natural boob size and like most of my fillers have gone. I’m going more towards the way I used to look.

The beauty admitted to regretting following the plastic surgery trend in the lead up to her time on Love Island: “When I was in the villa I was pumped up with a lot of fillers and my hair was jet black, my boobs were like humungous.

“I think at that point it was a trend to have crazy fillers and everyone was just jumping on it, and you just followed the crowd and I think we wanted to look more sexy, get bigger boobs etc.

“It was a mistake I’d say on our side, to just follow that trend.”

Despite acknowledging that they’re now jumping on the bandwagon of going for a more ‘natural look’, Anna is adamant that this time she’s making the right choice: “We’re following the trend now going ‘more natural,’ but genuinely I just feel like I look better.

“It’s a good trend I think right now that everyone’s going towards more of a natural look… Before people were so scared to go out in front of cameras with no makeup on, but now everyone’s more accepting of the way they are, and I love that.”

Listen to the full episode of Access All Areas, also featuring Vanity Milan and Priya Gopaldas here.

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