Summer Monteys-Fullam is ‘sick of liars’ as she lifts the lid on her dating life

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Paul Hollywood’s ex-girlfriend Summer Monteys-Fullam, has revealed that she doesn’t want to date ‘any more liars’.

Chatting to hosts Bobby Norris and Stephen Leng on Access All Areas, the 25-year-old disclosed how fed-up she is with dating: “Everyone I date is just so disappointing […] They’ve either got secret girlfriends, living double lives, or not telling the truth, or just control freaks and I don’t want any of the above.” 

Since splitting up with the Bake-Off judge in 2019, she’s re-entered the dating scene with one aim in mind: “I’m sick of liars. I don’t want any more liars. Why can’t people be honest?”

At the time of the breakup, Summer was furious with Paul’s controlling behaviour, and is now looking for someone more in line with her values: “I want someone that’s driven, that’s confident, that’s loyal. That’s a huge thing for me, loyal and honest and not controlling…”

This comes after the influencer was subject to an influx of unfaithful partners. When asked if she called them out on their behaviour, she responded: “I definitely hand him his receipts and I would also tell the girl as well.”

She added: “If you’re confident enough to go out and be ‘single’ when you’re not single, then face the consequences for sure.”

The aesthetic beauty business owner also disclosed that she’s become quite the detective when it comes to dating: “I’m like an MI5 agent, I find out everything. If someone says, ‘the grass is green,’ I’m gunna double check that the grass is green.”

 Summer has recently moved to the Cotswolds and is hoping that the new location will bring her the fresh start she needs: “I’m in the countryside, the people are nice, everything about it is just so perfect. It’s healthy, it’s just a new life and I’m having the best time here so far.” 


Listen to the full episode of Access All Areas, also featuring Greg O’Shea and Tessa Hartmann here.

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