Sam Thompson reveals he can ‘barely satisfy’ his girlfriend Zara McDermott in the bedroom

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Made In Chelsea’s Sam Thompson has spilled the beans on his sex life with girlfriend Zara McDermott before revealing that their relationship ‘is it’ for life.

Chatting to Bobby Norris on Access All Areas about his new collaboration with to find their Chief Buffet Officer, the pair joked about a surprising statistic about hotel breakfasts. Bobby said to Sam: “fifteen percent of Brits would give up sex for a month to be back eating a hotel buffet breakfast,” before adding: “The question is Sam, would you give up sex for a buffet?”

The 29-year-old was quick to answer, revealing: “One hundred percent. I barely satisfy her anyway. So I’ll take the L on that mate and just get the buffet to be fair. I mean, I think she’ll probably quite enjoy that anyway.”

Zara, 24, also chimed in with her support for her boyfriend’s decision, adding: “Yep, one hundred percent.”

 The couple’s relationship has been a rocky one, after Zara confessed last year to being unfaithful. Despite it looking like this was the end for the pair, they rekindled their romance and even went as far as to make a viral spoof video of the Made In Chelsea scene where the Love Islander begged for Sam’s forgiveness.

Discussing the strength of their relationship now, Sam explained: “We’re great man. I don’t understand how I’ve still got a girlfriend, but I do still have a girlfriend. I wake up every morning and go, ‘it’s got to be a dream’ and I was like, ‘no it’s not, she’s still there’. And that’s with all the pranks included as well, bless her.”

 The Chelsea lad even went as far as to tell Bobby: “I think this is it mate!”

 He then turned to Zara who’d just walked in the door and said, “If you’ll have me!”


Listen to the full episode of Access All Areas, also featuring Aaron Simpson and Priscilla here.

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