Simon Webbe finally CONFIRMS new Blue album is on its way

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Singer Simon Webbe has teased new music is on its way from Blue to celebrate their 20th anniversary.

Speaking to hosts Bobby Norris and Stephen Leng on Access All Areas about the frequent rumours around the possibility of the band reuniting, the 42-year-old said: “You know what, it’s really, really hard to say because with Blue, we’ve never gone anywhere, we’ve always been together. Before the lockdown we was in Bali doing weddings and then we was off to do a tour around Southeast Asia, so we’re always together. Whether we’ve got a new album coming… maybe!’

Despite initially acting coy, the singer began to wink several times to the camera, confirming that a new album is on its way.

After a bit of nudging, Simon revealed: “Something’s definitely in the works. It’s just that we can’t, we just want to make sure that all of the T’s are crossed and all of the I’s are dotted, and all the contracts are in place. But, you know, as Blue we’ve always continuously made music over the years.

Explaining why the band wanted to release new music again now, six years after their last album ‘Colours’ came out, Simon explained: “It is our 20th anniversary. It is a milestone that we want to sort of celebrate with the fans. Something will be announced definitely, hopefully in the next month or so.”

Discussing what fans can expect from the album, the father of two said: “We’ve always backed ourselves on good songs, and we’ve sort of aimed for that sound that can be still played in 10 years’ time, that evergreen sound. Are we trying to go down the drill route or anything like that? Nope. We’re just going to keep it classic Blue, great songs, great vocals.”

He also added: “We’re men now so we’ve got a lot more to talk about topic wise and there’s a few surprises on there as well.”

Listen to the full episode of Access All Areas, also featuring Priyanka and Carina Lepore, here.

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