Love Island’s Jake Cornish reveals he’s not heard from any of the girls since leaving the villa

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Love Island 2021 star Jake Cornish has discussed his plans to move in with fellow islander Brad McClelland, not hearing from the girls since leaving the villa and how he’s ready to finally date again.

Chatting to hosts Bobby Norris (TOWIE) and Brooke Odun (The Circle) on Access All Areas, the 24-year-old discussed life after the villa and who he’s stayed in contact with: “Everyone’s in a group chat but the group chat is no longer,” he explained, before adding: “I speak to Brad, Liam, Danny, Tyler… Aaron Francis.”

“I’ll speak to them [the other guys] here and there if they message me on Instagram, but really on WhatsApp where you’re gonna speak to them is a handful of the lads. There’s probably six of the lads.”

The reality star, who lost support from fans after they saw his relationship with Liberty Poole, 22, crumble before their eyes, revealed who he hasn’t heard from since leaving the famous villa: “I don’t speak to any of the girls. I think I’m a lone wolf that side. They’re there and I’ve just gone this way.”

The former water engineer chose to leave the villa just a few days before the final, having split with girlfriend Liberty in the final week. Now that the dust has settled, Jake revealed he’s ready to finally date again: “I’m not kind of looking for it. To me, it’s something that I want to happen naturally, so if I’m out and I meet a girl. I’m not going to go out of my way to look for it.”

He added: “But yeah, I’m open to find a girl. As I say, I’ve only ever been into blondes. I’ve never really dated a brunette, so who knows!”

Dating isn’t the only change about to happen in Jake’s life, as him and fellow islander Brad McClelland are discussing moving in together: “There’s talks of it. There’s talks between me and Brad. We do want to live together. It would probably be Manchester way because my agent’s in Liverpool. I want it to be Essex or Manchester. It could be one or the other. We’re just finding our feet on what we’re gonna do and then we’ll see. It’s still early days at the moment.”

After leaving a show such as Love Island, many of the contestants are offered major deals and sponsorships, with his ex-Liberty having recently signed a £1million deal with In The Style. Discussing his next moves, Jake kept tight lipped but revealed: “There’s a few things in the pipeline… Obviously I can’t say too much. The biggest thing for me would be a modelling contract. I’d love to do Hugo Boss.”

When asked whether fans could expect to see him on another reality show, Jake looked coy, laughed and said: “I can’t lie. I literally cannot lie. I don’t know. We’ll have to see what comes up.”

Could an appearance on Celebs Go Dating or I’m A Celeb be on the cards? Watch this space.

Listen to the full episode of Access All Areas, also featuring Brooke Odun and Crystal, here.

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