Ryan-Mark Parsons takes swipe at celebrities including Dragon’s Den’s Steven Bartlett and Harry and Meghan for preaching ‘from their ivory towers’

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Apprentice candidate Ryan-Mark Parsons hits out against celebrities for their ‘incessant preaching’ about how to be ‘successful’ and reveals he has a panic alarm installed in his house after obscene levels of trolling.

Chatting to hosts Bobby Norris and Stephen Leng on Access All Areas, the 21-year-old, who is known for his outspoken comments, stated he was tired of listening to celebrities go on about their lives: “I get sick of hearing celebrities or millionaires or entrepreneurs preaching how everyone should live their lives. Just shut up. I don’t want to hear it… The way they drone on incessantly.”

The youngest ever Apprentice candidate proceeded to give examples of those who have pushed his buttons recently: “There’s that Steven Bartlett who I can’t stand on Dragon’s Den. He always puts out these tweets about how to be successful in life and that money isn’t the end goal and all this stuff.

“I hate people that preach when they’re in their mansions… I don’t want to hear it.”

Harry and Meghan also came under the firing line: “They’re another duo who I can’t stand. Preaching virtues and never really practicing what they tell the general public from their ivory tower. I can’t stand them.”

The reality star didn’t stop there, as he also described his resentment towards tennis player Novak Djokovic amid his recent vaccine controversy which saw him refused entry to the Australian OPen: “I don’t like that man. I don’t like him. He’s so arrogant and cocky, I can’t stand him.

“He’s making such a fuss. I’m bored of listening to the likes of these millionaire sports players.”

Ryan-Mark, who has come under fire for his controversial opinions in the past, also revealed how his personal views on the vaccine have previously got him into trouble. Reflecting on the aftermath of his debate on Good Morning Britain where he said that antivaxxers ‘have no right to go to the pub’, he explained: “I have a panic alarm on my phone, I have a panic alarm installed in my house. I got so many death threats from doing that vaccine debate, it’s unbelievable.”

Despite threats to his personal safety, Ryan-Mark’s brutal honesty continues to get him into trouble, most recently on E4’s Celebs Go Dating, where he was branded the ‘rudest person’ love guru Paul C Brunson had ever met.

The TV star defended his behavior and stated: “Yes I am quite atrocious, I say it how it isI say things that a lot of people think, that they’re not necessarily willing to express.”

The Daily Star columnist then revealed how close he was to being booted off the show altogether: “I think the last person that got in trouble was Stephen Bear and I didn’t really want to follow in his footsteps. I didn’t know what to expect. I thought, ‘oh my gosh, is this it? Am I never going back to the agency?’ I was actually really scared.”

He also admitted to being scared of losing his full fee, having ‘never heard of this happening’ before.

Talking more on his intentions for going on the show, Ryan-Mark added: “I mean I did want to honestly find a relationship. I have been looking for ages. But the fee definitely helped.

“But you know what, I’ve tried every bloody dating app. I’ve tried Raya, Tinder, Hinge, I’ve downloaded all of them but nothing’s worked. So I’m actually looking for a long term relationship.”

Sadly, Ryan-Mark was far from impressed by the selection of dates at the agency and is still on the hunt for Mr Right:I thought we had some really good dates, visually. But when it came to actually talking to them and finding out about them and the rest of it, they were very boring in my opinion.”

The Celeb’s Go Dating finale airs tonight at 9pm on E4.

Listen to the full episode of Access All Areas, also featuring Anna Williamson here.

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