Boyzlife’s Brian McFadden Reveals Plans To Try For Fourth Child

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Boyzlife singer Brian McFadden has opened up on what it’s like to be a father again, as well as plans to have another child with his fiancée Danielle Parkinson.

Chatting to hosts Bobby Norris and Stephen Leng on the showbiz gossip programme Access All Areas, the singer revealed that his wedding had been delayed three times due to the Covid pandemic:

“We were getting married in South Africa, then the first pandemic wave hit, so we had to cancel because everyone was locked down. Then everything got lifted and we had to go back into lockdown, so we cancelled it again.” 

 He continued: “On the third time, we were told we could go to South Africa and have the wedding, but South Africa was on the red list, so we would all have to go into hotel quarantine in the summer holidays… That would be a sexy honeymoon, wouldn’t it? Be in a beautiful vineyard in Africa and then spend two weeks in a Holiday Inn at Gatwick airport getting Margherita pizzas shoved under the door. No thanks.”  

 McFadden then opened up on becoming a parent again following the birth of his third child last year:

“She’s (Ruby) amazing, she’s unbelievable, obviously I’ve got three girls. But Molly and Lily are twenty-one and nineteen and when I had both of them, I was in Westlife, so I had no time. We didn’t have Facetime or video calls back then, so I missed so much of them, their first steps, their first words, I missed so much of that.” 

 He then went on to say: “I am seeing absolutely everything with Ruby, I’m pretty much with her every day, she comes everywhere and if she doesn’t come, I can go on Facetime and I can talk to her and see her. It’s just been the most incredible experience of my life, and I just wake up every morning so excited to see her.”

When asked by Bobby if he has plans to have any more children, the 42-year-old responded saying:

“Yeah absolutely, we had IVF treatments to have Ruby … we had four fertile eggs, the first two were implanted and they miscarried, Ruby was the third, and the fourth one is the strongest. We’re going to wait probably a few more months and then we are going to try with that last egg.” 

 Also, in the interview Brian McFadden spoke about his relationship with fellow bandmate Keith Duffy:

“It’s two best mates on the road having fun. A lot of people when they start in a pop group, especially from the nineties are put together, they don’t know each other, you have to get to know each other, and you don’t really have a choice … but for Keith and me, we were friends and then we started this thing together.”

He continued: “We knew we loved each other already. We have this great system together where we know how to look after each other, we know when not to p**s the other person off, we know if somebody’s in a bad mood then don’t push their buttons… we very rarely have any fights or bad days and if someone is having a bad day, the other person takes care of them, so there is a lot of harmony in our group.”


Listen to the full episode of Access All Areas, also featuring Finley Tapp and Nina & Diana Parsijani here.



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