Made In Chelsea’s Maeva and James ‘Undecided’ On Letting Wedding Be Filmed For Show

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Made in Chelsea stars Maeva D’Ascanio and James Taylor have discussed whether they would let Made in Chelsea film their wedding, as well as the pressures of filming the show.

Chatting to host Bobby Norris on the showbiz gossip programme Access All Areas, the reality stars revealed that they “don’t know” whether to let Made in Chelsea film their wedding.

“We don’t know yet, we’ll see,” said Maeva. James agreed, saying “yeah, we need to work that one out. I think a few family members are a bit camera shy… we don’t want to be reshooting the magic moment.” 

When asked by Bobby if there are any pressures on them as a couple when filming the show, Taylor responded candidly: “There was at a certain point in time, but now I think they know how happy we are. I don’t think our colleagues want to mess too much with that as well. It’s a reality show at the end of the day, so people’s opinions do come up and you’ve got to face them head-on.” 

He continued: “It’s a difficult one because our relationship formed on the show, and it was sped up by the show. I believe that has huge positives as well as negatives.” 

When asked if there were any plans for the pair to leave Made in Chelsea, James Taylor revealed that he was unsure about returning for another series:

“My foot is half in, half out. I’ve got a family business that I need to concentrate on, but Maeva seems to just smash these other shows as well as [Made in] Chelsea, and I think she’s going to be carrying on in that world.” 

D’Ascanio added to Taylor’s comments saying, “fingers crossed, we’ll see.”

Also in the interview, the engaged couple discussed their wedding plans so far, James said:

“We’re getting there, we’ve secured the venue. It’s going to be quite some time yet; the baby has to be born and we want him at the end of the aisle with me.” Maeva then also responded saying “We’re not organising anything right now, we’re focusing on the baby and then we’ll see.” 

James then revealed when we could expect their long-awaited wedding to take place:  

“We are aiming for a Christmas 2023 wedding in December.”

Listen to the full episode of Access All Areas, also featuring Matt Edmondson and Jordan Brook here.



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