TOWIE’s Pete Wicks recalls the story of a man who was caught cheating through Tesco Clubcard

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This week on The Dating Show, Pete and Cici learnt about a man who was caught cheating by his wife when some peculiar Clubcard vouchers arrived in the post.


Recalling the incident, Pete said: “So a married couple share a Tesco club card account, and they had a card each so that the husband could use it while he was away on business, for petrol and other necessities… They frequently receive vouchers for items such as washing powder and wine, but every now and then there’ll be vouchers for discounts on Durex. Condoms and lube and things like that.”


He continued: “When the wife questioned the husband, he laughed it off and blamed it on the computer systems. But she had a gut feeling that something wasn’t right. So, she checked his company car, something she rarely looked in. When she opened the glove box, she found a stash of condoms and lube.”


Cici was shocked at the story but Pete noted: “I was expecting a little bit more evidence of cheating.”


He went on to educate Cici that using condoms and lube to pleasure yourself “is called a posh wank!”


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