Title: Con Air director Simon West on Nicolas Cage being dangerously harassed by prison inmates: “a fight breaks out and we run for it”

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The latest members of Nick Helm and Nathaniel Metcalfe’s Fan Club are actor Jason Isaacs and director Simon West.


Speaking to Nick and Nathaniel on their Fan Club show about Cage’s role in Con Air, the 59-year-old said: “We went to Folsom maximum security prison. And [we were] walking out in the yard, Nic Cage [and I], and there are two thousand hard criminals there. You know they are all, you know Folsom is maximum security. This is for the guys that are too bad to go into the normal prisons. And you have to sign a waiver, before you go in, saying that if you get held hostage you won’t sue the state. You know, if they kill you or they cut your fingers off. And you are getting this whole instruction. Like, if a fire breaks out, because there are no guns, the guards don’t have guns down on the ground because they just get grabbed off. So, the only guards with guns are up in the towers.”


He continued: “And you are walking in with Nic Cage and everyone is getting interested. They are coming around, they are gathering. And, of course, everyone is in their separate gangs. You know everyone is affiliated to a different gang. You know, they are coming in these great groups and they start circling around. And it all starts very friendly, and then they want an autograph and then they want a part in the next movie and then they want to touch Nic [Cage]. And then, a fight breaks out and we run for it.”



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You can hear the full interview here.

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