Harry Potter star Jason Isaacs got his revenge in the last scenes of the British film series: ‘At least I’ve got three lines!’ 

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The latest members of Nick Helm and Nathaniel Metcalfe’s Fan Club are actor Jason Isaacs and director Simon West.

The Golden Globe-nominated actor became popular among the younger generations thanks to his performance in the role of Death Eater Lucius Malfoy in Harry Potter. Talking about the British film franchise, Isaacs confessed: “In the second film I had a very big part. It diminished as things went on. And each time I thought, ‘Should I go back? There’s really not much to do’. And then David Heyman, he’s the nicest man in the world, the producer, went, ‘Look, we want you back, but it’s not a very big part we can’t pay you any more money and you did make a bet for yourself by coming up with that wig. We could put it on someone else’. So actually, my biggest part was in the first one [Harry Potter film] that I did.”


Although his lines were gradually reduced throughout the series, Jason finally had his revenge at the very end of the filming. He explained: “I remember on the last film, we were doing the whole open battle sequence. It was two weeks that we were watching Ralph (Fiennes), who I’ve known since forever, doing a huge monologue. And for two weeks I’m sitting there going [Oh My God]. And Helen McCrory who played my wife Narcissa went, ‘I don’t know how you f***ing put up with this for 10 years. I can not stand it’. And I started feeling sorry for myself and I looked around and I got, ‘Do you know what? I’ve got three lines’… I looked over there I saw Emma Thompson, she’s got an Oscar, Maggie Smith got an Oscar, Jim Broadbent got an Oscar, someone else got an Oscar, Julie Walters has got an Oscar. And I thought, ‘They haven’t got any lines. At least I’ve got three lines!’” 


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