Sober Coach Emily Syphas reveals that “it takes a lot to fancy someone being sober”

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Last week on The Dating Show, founder of Sober & Social Emily Syphas joined Pete and Cici to talk about sober dating. 

When asked about attraction on the first date, the sober coach said: “I think with the alcohol, you kind of, you know, you get taken away by the situation, don’t you? By the chemistry, the excitement, the, you know, you start looking into their eyes and they become very attractive. And, ‘Oh my God, let’s go home together!’ But actually, when you’re sober, it takes a lot to fancy someone being sober, actually!” 

She continued: “This is one of my main, kind of, you know, things from being sober that I found out is that it takes me a while to really fancy someone. Whereas when I was drunk, it seemed to happen really easily”

Listen back to the full episode of The Dating Show here 


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