Singer Sinitta discusses turning down men on dating apps: ‘I could be your mum!’

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Last week on The Dating Show, singer Sinitta joined hosts Cici Coleman and Pete Wicks to talk about being single.

Having admitted that she’d been banned from dating app Hinge, Cici offered some words of comfort as the same thing had happened to her: “You’re a celebrity. People know who you are, and they think that you’re catfishing. So they report you to the app and then the app deletes you. That’s what happened to me twice.” 

Sinitta was shocked and said: “Oh my God. I mean, okay. Okay. I feel better now!’”

Talking about her experience on Hinge, the 57-year-old admitted: “I had fifty-five guys that I was like, ‘I would actually like to meet these people’… I was whittling away the ones that were just too young, but not just deleting. I was saying, ‘You’re so cute, but you’re too young for me’. You know, I was doing it nicely. And a few people were coming back saying, ‘Well, I don’t mind if you don’t mind’. And I was like, ‘I mind, I could be your mum!’


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