Jamie Laing’s surprise confession on what caused his Strictly injury

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Last night on FUBAR Radio, Made In Chelsea star Jamie Laing made a shock confession about the real cause of his foot injury on Strictly Come Dancing last year.

Speaking to Joanna and Stephen about his brief stint on the BBC dance show, the reality star revealed the rather embarrassing reason behind his injury: “To tell you a little secret, the reason why I got it [the injury] was because I bought on Amazon these little things called lifts that give you a little bit more height in the old shoes. Yeah, don’t buy those! Terrible things!”

The series may have had a very different outcome had the 31-year-old competed as he compared his dancing to ‘Billy Elliot’, claiming: “I would have f*****g won that! One hundred percent, I had that!”

The platinum blonde star continued: “The very first show when I honestly thought I was Billy Elliot, I was like, ‘this is my dream to be here right now. I’m going to win and I’m gonna be the UK’s sweetheart. It’s written in the stars!’”

Talk turned to how he’s been coping during lockdown and living with his Made In Chelsea girlfriend Sophie ‘Habbs’ Habboo. It hasn’t all been plain sailing as he revealed: “My girlfriend and I nearly broke up about 400 times. We nearly broke up over Tupperware. Over Tupperware!”

His rant towards ‘Habbs’ continued: “Stop putting stuff in Tupperware! Eat it. Stop putting it in Tupperware! What are you doing? No, I hate Tupperware! Get it away from me!”

The plastic utensil wasn’t the only thing that brought them close to an end: “Why is there brown marks on the towel? She’s told me it’s definitely fake tan and I’m like, ‘well why is it on the towel? Why is it on the towel?’ ‘I don’t know. It comes out in the wash.’ ‘No it doesn’t. it doesn’t come out in the wash!”

When asked if the solution was just to not speak, he noted: “Trying not speaking or breaking up. I don’t know which one. I think breaking up is harder!”

Speaking of the backlash the show may receive, the model noted: “I don’t think it’s fair for the girls to get abuse now for career choices that they made back then. It was a completely different time.”

You can listen to the full chat with Jamie here. 

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