FUBAR’s All Time Top 10 oldest celebrity dads

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Moves like Jagger…Sir Mick’s a dad again at 73.

Mick is bringing sexy back!

Jagger’s 29 year old ballerina girlfriend Melanie Hamrick has given birth to his 8th child, making him a dad again at the age of 73 years old. How about that for a libido.

However, Mick isn’t the only celebrity golden oldie to get down and dirty to re-produce the goods instead of checking into a care-home where they belong. Here’s FUBAR’s Top 10 oldest dads:

1 Ronnie Wood, 68ronnie-wood

Fellow bandmate and Rolling Stone became a dad to twins recently. Maybe there’s something in the narcotics they’re using.

robert-de-niro2 Robert De Niro, 68

American Oscar winner taking his infamous Godfather role a little bit too literally, building a little mafia empire of his own. Just the 44 year difference between oldest and youngest child here.

3 Steve Martin 67steve-martin

The former stand-up comedian might be struggling to stand up at all by the time his daughter is an adult.

clint-eastwood4 Clint Eastwood 66

The now 86 year old legendary cowboy is still going strong directing and starring in films despite having more wrinkles than an elephant’s arse.

5 Charlie Chaplin 73

The silent film-star was Mick’s age when he had his final child. Not a word from us.

sir-rod6 Sir Rod Stewart 66

This Scottish crooner had his first child aged just 19, and the former amateur footballer has kept on scoring ever since.

7 Sir Paul McCartney 61paul-mccartney

Youngest member on this particular list, but hardly a spring chicken in terms of fatherhood.

8 Pablo Picasso 68pablo-picasso

The only artist people have actually heard of was painting with all kinds of brushes in his later years.

hugh-hefner9 Hugh Hefner 65

90 year old Playboy founder and womaniser has surprisingly only had 4 children. Condom companies, sign him up!

10  Rupert Murdoch, 72

De facto President of the World is the second oldest man on our list, last adding to his own personal empire in 2003.

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