Twitter reacts: Vaping will kill you, apparently

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We get it, you vape… but maybe you shouldn’t.

It seems like the debate surrounding just how damaging e-cigarettes are is constantly in the news, and today is no different –  Vivek Murthy, the U.S. Surgeon General – whatever that is –  has said that young people need to stop vaping now! Not because e-cigarettes are unhealthy, but because being addicted to nicotine MIGHT make you move on to actual cigarettes in the future.

A generation of young people addicted to nicotine would surely spell disaster for the already woefully disorganised American health system, sorry ObamaCare.

Apparently up to 16% of high school students in the US ‘vape’ regularly, and this could be stunting brain development. No doubt this is how Trump becomes President. However, there is literally zero scientific consensus on the health benefits/ dangers of e-cigarettes, other than making you look like a knob.

Finally, as is the tradition of the internet, the ridiculousness of vaping in general has also been jumped on by meme-artists using the caption: ‘we get it you vape.’ So in light of this terrifying health warning, FUBAR have compiled the 5 best tweets mocking the self-declared ‘vape gods.’






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