Cici Coleman shares precious piece of advice on relationships: “Stay in your lane!”

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Last week on The Dating Show, singer Lucy Spraggan joined hosts Cici Coleman and Pete Wicks to talk about self-love.


Sharing his opinion on relationships, TOWIE star Pete said: “Actually, it’s not about needing someone there. It’s about wanting someone there.”


Lucy replied: “Instead of using people as a crutch or having to lean on them, you want to both stand up straight together. I’ve always, whether it was food, whether it was alcohol, whether it was people, I’ve always lent on someone because I needed them as a crutch. And actually, do you know what? I got to a point where I just removed that crutch. And I stumbled about for a long time, but now, now I can, I’m standing up straight and I feel great.” 


Cici commented: “I’ve had a few therapists over the years, and what one said to me was ‘Stay in your lane!’ And I’m like, ‘What the hell does this woman mean?’ And she literally meant like, ‘This is your lane. This is your partner’s lane. And this is your lane together’. She said, ‘You never cross over to your partner’s lane. If you’re going to join in the middle. No problem. But you never cross over because that’s when you lose yourself.”


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You can listen back to the first full episode with Lucy Spraggan here 

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