The Floor Is Yours with Femi

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Uncensored political debate – think Question Time but with no shackles.

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Think Question Time but with no shackles and completely uncensored debating.

Since the announcement hit the headlines that Britain is to leave the EU – we will get there, eventually – Britain is more divided than ever. How do we restore our faith in our government, politicians, neighbours or even our family? The answer is simple – a conversation.

Hosting this refreshing and initiative programme is Femi. Femi is a force to be reckoned with; you’ve probably seen him arguing with Nigel Farage, debating on Twitter till the early hours or having a cup of tea with his opposition. Femi will be fact checking news stories, picking apart complicated jargon and hosting an open space to have a frank and honest discussion about the issues young people face.

The most integral part of the show is to encourage passionate and challenging discussions. We’re giving a voice to the voiceless and addressing the issues that really matter. Topics and themes will be supported by the views of politicians, journalists, upcoming integral voices, online personalities and of course the public.

Get in touch with Femi via twitter @FubarRadio or email the show