Episode 1 – Drillminister & Siobhan Benita

First Broadcast: 16th November 2018


Episode 1 - Drillminister, Benjamin Butterworth & Siobhan Benita download

The Floor Is Yours with Femi

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Welcome to The Floor Is Yours! What a week to start a brand new political show, and Femi was in no short supply of things to talk about, as he was joined by journalist Benjamin Butterworth to discuss Theresa May’s controversial Brexit deal and its implications for the country. Later, Femi was joined by drill artist Drillminister and London Mayoral candidate for the Liberal Democrats Siobhan Benita as they held an in-depth discussion about knife crime and policing. Finally, Steven France joined Femi on the phone from Sunderland to talk about the impact of cuts to public services in the North East.