Episode 13 – Jolyon Rubinstein & Lord Adonis

First Broadcast: 29th March 2019


Episode 13 - Joana Ramiro, James Ball, George Aylett, Lord Andrew Adonis download

The Floor Is Yours with Femi

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Covering for Femi this week was the charismatic and witty, Jolyon Rubinstein. He was joined by Youth Officer for Hull George Aylett to discuss everything from general elections to extensions. Journalists Joana Ramiro and James Ball were in the studio on the day we should have been leaving the EU. They chatted about the current options we face as a country, which quickly changed as it was announced that MP’s had rejected Theresa May’s Brexit deal for a third time. Finally, talking to Jolyon about this breaking news was Lord Andrew Adonis, who gave his opinions on what will happen next in this never ending game called Brexit.