Episode 15 – Nimco Ali & Shaun Bailey

First Broadcast: 12th April 2019


Episode 15 - Nimco Ali, Shaun Bailey, Justin Finlayson, Mandu Reid, Sarah Lamptey download

The Floor Is Yours with Femi

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Covering for Femi this week was Somali social activist Nimco Ali, to talk about what it’s like to be black and British in this generation. She was joined by founder of ShowerBox Sarah Lamptey, Justin Finlayson from United Borders and Mandu Reid from the Women’s Equality Party. They spoke about their personal experiences and hot topics such as homelessness and knife crime. Finally, Conservative candidate for London Mayer, Shaun Bailey, spoke to Nimco about his proposals to help young black people in the UK and how the current government are failing them.