Episode 11 – Jermain Jackman & Ken Cheng

First Broadcast: 8th March 2019


Episode 11 - Jermain Jackman, Ken Cheng, Dominique Samuels, Angela Haggerty download

The Floor Is Yours with Femi

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Unity in the UK was this week’s theme on The Floor is Yours, and joining Femi in the studio was former The Voice UK winner and campaigner Jermain Jackman and pro-Brexiteer Dominique Samuels. They talked about the uproar about LGBT+ lessons being introduced in schools and how London-centric we are as a country with many areas in the North feeling like they’re not represented in politics. We also had comedian Ken Cheng to talk through the week’s headlines and his new game show on E4, The Hangover Games. Finally, Scottish journalist Angela Haggerty spoke to Femi on the phone about the unity between Scotland and England and the ongoing discussions about Scottish Independence.