TOWIE’s Pete Wicks on wedgie-ing fetish: “It’s not for me.”

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Last week on The Dating Show, Pete and Cici received an unusual message from a listener. 

Reading the content of the message, Cici said: “’I met a guy on Tinder. We went for dinner. After a few drinks, we were talking about school and he was joking about how he got wedgied. He then joked at the time about whether I wanted to wedgie him. I laughed it off and we later went our separate ways. Over the course of the next few days, he then kept mentioning this wedgie incident in his messages. I thought it was a bit weird and just ignored them. We went on a second date and after a few drinks, he literally asked me if I would wedgie him as he loved the idea of women in dresses (I wore cute dress),’ she said, ‘giving him gigantic wedgies. After a while of working out that he was actually serious, I kind of left the date there.’”

Cici then asked Pete: “Just to clarify, so someone wedgie-ing you or you wedgie-ing someone else, it doesn’t tickle you?” 

Pete replied: “No, I’ll be honest with you Cici it’s not for me.”


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