TOWIE’s Pete Wicks on casual dating: “I could be seeing someone for four months and it still be casual”

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This week on The Dating Show, Cici and Pete talked about the grey areas in between casual dating and exclusive dating.


Sharing his opinion, the Essex pirate said: “For me, I could be seeing someone for four months and it still be casual. Because that’s where I’m at. If someone then asks me four months in, ‘ Well, hold on, is this still casual?’ The answer for me, if it is that way for me,  is ‘Yeah.’”


He continued: “It’s a bit of a tough one, isn’t it? Because it’s not always the responsibility of someone who has said where they’re at in their life, to constantly tell someone where they are at. If I literally every week was seeing someone and then constantly, ‘Do you know, this is going nowhere? You know this is going nowhere!’ It’s not exactly the nicest thing to do, is it?”


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