The Circle’s Beth Dunlavey and Brooke Odun discuss woman who farts for a living 

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Last week on Access All Areas, The Circle’s Beth Dunlavey and Brooke Odun joined Bobby and Stephen and shared an interesting discovery they recently made about OnlyFans.

Talking about the content found on the platform, Beth said: “There’s like loads of random stuff on there as well. Brooke was saying that like, this woman goes on there and just farts. And I said, ‘What? What do you mean?’”

Brooke added: “She does these really oily farts in her work uniform. I think she works for like FedEx or something. And then she just like, you know, how you just like blow it away? Yeah, yeah.”


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You can listen back to the full show of Access All Areas, also featuring Drag Race UK Ellie Diamond here 

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