Rapper Guvna B drops massive bombshell on TOWIE’s Pete Wicks’ private life 

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This week on The Dating Show, music artist Guvna B joined hosts Cici Coleman and Pete Wicks to drop an unexpected bombshell.


When asked to tell three stories in the show’s feature I Love the Way You Lie, the 31-year old said: “I went on a date with my wife. We went to Sheesh in Essex. Lovely night. Enjoyed it. Some good food. I think I had a mixed grill, I think she had a carbonara maybe or something like that?”


The Essex star replied: “Good food there, it’s my mate’s restaurant. It’s a banger.”


The London rapper then said: “Funny, you’d say that. So we look to our left and who do we see? We see Pete Wicks on a date with someone that I don’t think it was actually his girlfriend at the time.” 


Pete was in shock and replied: “What a fucking liberty that is! My guy just sold me down the river. The worst part is, I don’t know if that’s a truth or lie.”



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To find out whether this was the truth or a lie, listen to The Dating Show with Guvna B today at 6PM on FUBAR Radio.

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