Rak-Su’s  Myles Stephenson opens up about his jealous ex who “smashed her own car window” 

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Last week on The Dating Show, Rak-Su’s Myles Stephenson joined hosts Cici Coleman and TOWIE’s Pete Wicks to talk about jealousy in relationships.

When asked about his personal experience on the matter, the successful pop singer said: “[A] girl smashed her own car window because she thought I was talking to a girl.”

He explained: “So, I was only 19 or so. And we were having an argument. She thought, again, it was another girl. She thought I was talking to a girl. I wasn’t. And she was sat outside, and I was like, ‘Look, just come inside. We can sort this out inside’. And she lost her rag and she’s kicked her, I can see her from my window and bro, she’s kicked her window and I’ve just seen it go crash.”


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You can listen to the first full episode of The Dating Show here

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