Michael Jai White on Gillian White being the first African American female action star in the history of martial arts films: “We’re embarking on history right now.”

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The latest members of Nick Helm and Nathaniel’s Metcalfe’s Fan Club are Hollywood stars Michael Jai White and Gillian White.

Talking about their new film Take Back, the renowned martial artist said: “Can I say one thing? Because I would be remiss not to mention this. Because I hope you guys realise the historical significance of this movie. Do you realise that this is the first African American or black female martial arts action star in the history of films? And then this is the very first interview about an African American lead female martial arts star ever. And so, I would be remiss not to mention that. We’re embarking on history right now.” 

Gillian replied: “I think you didn’t tell me right away. You told me like, after.”

Michael then claimed: “But did I know it right away? Yes, I did.”


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