Matthew Crosby admits to thinking of shredding all his possessions

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The latest member of Nick Helm and Nathaniel’s Metcalfe’s Fan Club is stand-up comedian and podcaster Matthew Crosby.

The British comedian admitted he was thinking about throwing away all his possessions as he just doesn’t need them. He said: “Is it Michael Landy? Is that the name of the guy who shredded all his possessions as an artwork? I think about that a lot. I have my partner and I have my child and I have my family. I don’t really need all this stuff I’m hanging on to. Maybe, I should just shred it all. Just shred my entire life.”

Nick replied: “Not your family though!”

After the misunderstanding, Matthew clarified:“No, no, no! I mean those are the things I’d keep… Imagine if I started the interview by going, ‘Yeah so I’ve got this child now. She’d been around for about 16 months, I just want to stick her in a shredder’.”

He continued by joking that he should: “Photograph the kid. Pop them in a woodchipper!”


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