Comedian Matthew Crosby admits leaving Nathaniel Metcalfe with an eight-feet long stick after Edinburgh Fringe Festival

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The latest Member of Nick Helm and Nathaniel’s Metcalfe’s Fan Club is stand-up comedian and podcaster Matthew Crosby.

During the interview, Nathaniel mentioned when he had to bring back one of Matthew’s props from the Edinburgh Fringe. It was an eight-feet long stick! The 40-year-old replied: “If it was as long as you are saying, that’s too long… I wanted it to be about an arm span. What’s that? About two metres?”

Nick added: “Your arm span is the same as your height.”

Then, the Badults creator replied: “Is that why, you know, the picture of the guy with the arms sticking out in the circle [The Vitruvian Man]?”

Nick misunderstood Matthew’s reference and said: “Jesus? Jesus Christ?”

Then Crosby asked: “He wasn’t crucified in a circle, wasn’t he?”

The Uncle star commented: “Well, I don’t know it must have been a bit of a crowd!”


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