Married At First Sight UK’s Alexis Economou reveals the show CUT conversations about her bisexuality

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Married At First Sight UK’s Alexis Economou has admitted that the show ruined her self-confidence, confirmed she is NOT dating former star Ben Jardine and revealed conversations about her bisexuality were CUT from the show.

Chatting to hosts Bobby Norris and Stephen Leng on Access All Areas, the 27-year-old revealed that she is still single, after failing to find love on the show, and that she’s yet to even go on a date: I’m getting lots of offers but I’m really scared of the internet. You just never know who people are.”

This comes after the reality star was recently pictured with former MAFS star Ben Jardine, prompting a potential romance between the pair.

When quizzed about it, Alexis confirmed: “Me and Ben are just friends. It was a very messy night. Ben’s a great guy but definitely not my kind of guy.”

When talking about what she looks for in a partner, the reality star explained that she doesn’t have a physical type, before making the surprise admission: “I also have dated females, so for me, it’s a vibe.”

She further added: “I have been in a serious relationship with a woman in the past. I did speak about it on the show but it never aired.”

This isn’t the first time that conversations around bisexuality have been cut from TV shows, as just earlier this year, Love Island’s Sharon Gaffka revealed that a lot of the conversations she had about her sexuality and modern dating were never aired.

Alexis has been getting a lot of attention since appearing on the show and revealed she’s had a lot people sliding into her DMs: “Some of them are really nice, paragraphs presenting themselves, what they do, what they can do for me, which I appreciate.”

Not all have been quite so good, as she added: “Some people really need to come better with their game, honestly. Come on guys, step it up!”

The model also made it clear that she’s sick of the ‘wild’ messages she receives: “I don’t need any more dick pics guys!”

Bobby was keen to hear if any blue ticks had slid into her DMs, which Alexis confirmed but said: “I think they’re just playing the game. No names!”

The star was reflective during the interview, noting that appearing on Married At First Sight UK was a great opportunity, but that she had been ‘naïve’ thinking that she would come out with the love of her life.

Discussing her time on the show, she revealed: “I definitely felt that the process defeated me to a certain degree and I just had to pick myself up and try again”

She admitted it ruined her self-confidence and added: “During the process I did feel shit and I felt like every day I had to get up, look good, feel good and go ahead. And it was hard trying to keep up a happy persona when deep down I was questioning everything.

“I was like, am I good enough? Am I a good person? Do I have a good heart? Because for me it’s not just about the looks, it runs a lot deeper than that. And if no one could see besides the good looks that I was a good person, you do question yourself a little bit.”

Listen to the full episode of Access All Areas, also featuring Spencer Matthews and Deano Baily, here.

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