Love Island’s Producers Convinced Paige Thorne To Pursue Partner Adam Collard

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Love Island semi-finalist Paige Thorne has revealed that she was initially told by producers to get to know her current partner Adam Collard after writing him off as a potential love interest.

Chatting to hosts Bobby Norris and Stephen Leng on the showbiz gossip programme Access All Areas, the reality star explained how she “didn’t know” who Adam Collard was before his shock return to the villa this year.

“All the girls were like Paige this is Adam; I was like why are you saying his name like that? I don’t know who he is. They gave me the lowdown and they were rinsing him, proper giving me the insights on what he used to be like.” 

She continued: “Then I was like, well, if he was like that then what is he doing in here? He’s just going to be a little s**t stirrer. I was going off.”

The 24-year-old then revealed that the producers had pulled her aside to try and persuade her to give Adam a chance:

“I got pulled aside and they were like, Paige why are you already writing him off before you’ve had a chance? I was like, because of what the girls have been saying. I don’t need to have a chat with him to know there’s not going to be a difference, and they were like no, be open-minded and just talk to him and give him a chance.” 

When asked by Bobby Norris if she had written him off before the producers pulled her aside, Thorne responded saying: “Yeah, I really did. I was just like what is the point, he’s just going to be a massive player I’m not in here for a player, I’m here for something serious.”

Despite recent rumours that their relationship was on the rocks, Paige spoke positively about their relationship and discussed how they tackle being long-distance:

“It’s been so good. This boy, I promise you, he’s simping and it’s great, I love it. We see each other when we’ve got time off. Obviously, I’m living in Swansea and he’s in Newcastle and when we are away, we just keep in touch and text and whatever. But then what we tend to do when we come together, is have proper quality time. So, it works really well in our favour.” 

She also went on to address the rumours saying: “Me and Adam know where we stand with each other, we know where we are at, we know what we’re feeling, and we’re just not really bothered about anyone else’s opinions.”

When asked for her opinion on Laura Whitmore stepping down as the host of Love Island, the former paramedic said:

“She’s amazing on there obviously and Ian’s doing it as well, they just bounce off each other so well on the show. [Laura Whitmore] on Aftersun is absolutely incredible, I had so much fun with her on there. I’m sure wherever she’s going next is going to be just as great.” 

She went on to say that she would love to see “Maura Higgins” as the next host of Love Island, saying that she was “obsessed” with the idea of her hosting and “fangirling” over it.

Later in the interview, Paige responded to criticism of this year’s Love Island following OFCOM’s announcement that they would not be launching an investigation into the show despite receiving over 7,000 complaints:

“The show is a show, and what gets shown isn’t everything. They’re going to want to show as much drama as possible because that’s how they keep everyone entertained. So, it’s not always as dramatic as what might be shown, as it might not always be as deep as what is shown.” 

She continued: “I think there’s been words thrown about like bullying and all this and I don’t know if it’s as far as bullying, from being inside the villa and seeing it 24/7. But everyone’s come out more or less mates so it’s not that deep.”


Listen to the full episode of Access All Areas, also featuring Melanie Rose and Kathryn Louise Burn here.


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