‘Kill Your Friends’ Author John Niven claims COVID measures adopted in the UK are insufficient 

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The latest Member of Nick Helm and Nathaniel’s Metcalfe’s Fan Club is author and screenwriter John Niven.

Talking about how other European countries adopted harsher COVID measures than the UK he said: “I went to Italy on holiday, sort of late August. And then I did a book tour with Irvine Welsh in Germany in September.  And then I went to Norway for the movie in October. And every one of these countries that I went in, [you get a] temperature check as soon as you get off the plane. Then in Germany and Norway, [you get] COVID tested at the airport.”

He continued: “Back to the UK, every time at Heathrow, ‘Alright mate, hi!’ Straight in. Nothing, zero, you know. Just absolutely nothing. So, you know? You kind of see why we ended up where we did, you know?”


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