Drag Race royalty Jujubee rules herself out of competing in more competitions

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Drag Race UK vs. The World finalist Jujubee rules herself out of returning to the famous franchise as a competitor after appearing in the highest number of series ever.

When asked by hosts Bobby Norris and Stephen Leng on Access All Areas whether fans can expect her to appear in a fifth series, the Boston born queen said: “If I were to answer right now it would probably be no I wouldn’t do another drag competition.”

Fans of the immensely popular franchise, which first launched in the US in 2009, will be pleased to hear that despite ruling herself out of competing again, the 37-year-old doesn’t plan on turning her back on Drag Race just yet: “I would love to be a part of the competition in a way where I wasn’t competing. Maybe they could bring me in as a therapist for the girls.”

Jujubee, who first appeared on our screens in 2010 on the second season, also put herself forward for another role: “I’m down for being a mole. I can do that. Reports back.”

The star is currently competing in Drag Race UK vs. The World and will appear in next week’s final alongside fellow American queen Mo Heart and UK stars Baga Chipz and Blu Hydrangea.

Despite having had a rocky start, finding herself in the bottom three weeks in a row, Jujubee came out triumphant on this week’s episode, winning herself a coveted Gold RuPeter badge after beating Mo Heart in the lip sync.

In spite of her success so far, the iconic queen shared her views on watching her efforts back on the show: “The experience whilst I was there felt fine, but after seeing it air and just seeing how it went being in the bottom every single week, it obviously changes the perception of a lot of the fans. But I’m still Jujubee.”

The series was filmed in March 2021, just days after UK’s series three had finished. Discussing the timing of recording, she explained: “I’d like people to understand that we also filmed this in the thick of the pandemic. What were you doing in March 2021 and how were you feeling? People just get to see me kind of live out my insecurities, my fear.

“I’m not somebody who hides those things from people so I’m glad that people get to see a different facet of me because I’m not just one thing.” 

Discussing why she decided to return yet again to the franchise, she explained: “The reason I keep going back is to harvest wisdom. It’s always a learning process no matter what competition it is. And, technically, this is a completely new show, even though it’s a drag competition. It’s just different.”

Despite having a rocky journey on her fourth attempt of the competition, Jujubee is still positive about her experience: “I will always feel like I am great at what I do because I know that I am. And I don’t compare myself to anybody else. I compare myself to me yesterday and my goal is to just be better than I was.”

Listen to the full episode of Access All Areas, also featuring Amy Anzel and Jackson Mawhinney here.

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