Comedian Russell Kane admits that one-night stands are not his cup of tea

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Last week on The Dating Show,  Russell Kane joined hosts Cici Coleman and Pete Wicks to talk about one-night stands.

Talking about one-night stands, the 45-year-old said: “Like you’ve got to know each other’s bodies. And you can’t, like that type of sex where everyone’s like, ‘ah ah’ and all the cogs are blowing out of each other’s ears. It takes three, four, five, six, seven shags to get there.”

He continued: “Like most men are totally paranoid,  ‘How can I please this woman?’ And if you’re only with a woman for one night, how the fuck are you going to, you can only learn a certain amount. Unless you do it over, like, Nando’s. Like, ’We are going to be together one night. So I’ve got a spreadsheet here. If you could just point on the graph to what you want me to do, later. It will be a more satisfying experience for you.”


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You can listen back to the full episode of The Dating Show here 

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