Arlene Phillips on working with Queen’s former lead singer: “Freddie was someone that was so creative”

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This week on Access All Areas, Arlene Phillips joined Bobby and Stephen to talk about her friendship with Queen’s late singer Freddie Mercury.

When asked about the superstar, the famous choreographer said: “I worshiped Freddie. I mean, I was a massive fan before I even met him. And when I first met him, I met him in a basement flat in Earls Court, which is, I didn’t realise it at the time, it was were he had all his meetings. And the door was open with this strapping guy with leather straps and leather trousers taking me into the room to meet Freddie, to go through the video. And I thought, ‘This is unusual, for a rockstar to live here in this basement flat’.”


She continued: “Freddie was someone that was so creative. So when he made a music video, he didn’t say, ‘Go away, tell me what I’ve got to do.’ Which Elton [John] sort of did, you know, ‘Just tell me I’ll be there on the day, I’ll turn up. Do what you want’.  But Freddie was completely involved. Totally committed.”



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