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Good news! Today is statistically the most depressing day of the year! According to former university professor Dr Cliff Arnall, the third Monday in January is when it fully hits us that Christmas is well and truly over: the bills are rolling in, we’re back at work, and the weather is shit. This all contributes to us feeling down and depressed. But don’t worry, if it all gets too much, FUBAR have kindly put together a list of perfect buildings to end it all…

Empire State Building

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  • Small chance of landing on Donald Trump
  • Iconic building
  • Stunning views of New York
  • Following in the footsteps of King Kong
  • 100% chance of death


  • Flights to New York can be expensive
  • High fences on the top deck
  • Long queues to get in

Eiffel Tower

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  • Good food in Paris to eat just before
  • Nice train journey to get there
  • A hairy armpit experience
  • Easy access
  • Kim Kardashian definitely won’t be there
  • 100% chance of death


  • You’re in France

Burj Khalifa

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  • Tallest building in the world
  • Opportunity to complete the most epic running bomb
  • 100% chance of death


  • Elevator takes forever to reach the top
  • Its fucking hot outside in Dubai
  • Loads of sand in loads of places

Mount Everest’s Peak:

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  • Highest point in the world
  • Very rewarding experience, only a handful of people have ever climbed it
  • Lovely skiing in the surrounding area
  • Get to wear your new wool gloves
  • 100% chance of death


  • Costs around £7,000 to climb.
  • Sherpas aren’t very talkative
  • FUCKING freezing

Buckingham Palace:

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  • You can always tell whether the occupant is home from the flag outside
  • It’s in the UK
  • Pretty much guaranteed an MBE or CBE just for turning up
  • Possible naked sighting of a royal
  • 100% chance of death


  • Crazy security to get past
  • One of most highly protected buildings in the world
  • You would be tasered before you could jump
  • Your death would be blamed on terrorism

So there you have it, FUBAR’s quick and easy fix to those #BlueMonday woes.

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