Top 5 Things To Avoid At The Game Of Thrones Pub

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There’s a pop-up bar in Edinburgh that is dedicated and heavily Game of Thrones themed.

As attractive at it sounds to Game of Thrones fanatics (most people on earth), entering the Game of Thrones world is very risky business and comes with a lot of dangers that you should probably avoid.

If this pub was anything actual like the world of Game of Thrones, let’s face it, most of us would be dead before we even walked in, held captive or forced to marry some absolute dickhead.

So before you take that trip to Edinburgh here’s a few things that you probably should avoid…

1. Sausages

If there’s any offer of sausages, hot dogs, toad in the hole, anything; be very suspicious.

You don’t want to end up with a Theon Greyjoy situation.


2. Wine

While this pop-up pub is heavily inspired by the lavish, alcohol-fuelled Lannister lifestyle. You should probably stay away from the red wine altogether if HRH Joffrey’s experience is anything to go by.


3. Wedding Receptions

If you do decide to brave the world of Game of Thrones just please whatever you do don’t attend or have your wedding reception there. This will never end well. Ever.


4. Frey’s Pies

Found on the menu of this pub is a dish called ‘Frey’s Pies’.

It sounds innocent enough but cast your mind back to Frey’s final appearance in Game of Thrones where Arya Stark went all Sweeney Todd and Mrs Lovett on us and you might change your mind about this dish.

5. Sword Props

Don’t go with anyone who you may of pissed off in the past 100 years or that is going to annoy you, because with access to the Valyrian steel props it’s more than likely to end up in an absolute blood bath.


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