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24 January 2017

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Things that have happened since #Brexit…

People are SO bored of Brexit. It seems like it has been dragging on forever, and after today’s Supreme Court ruling, it’s dominating headlines yet again. In fact, it’s gone on so long, here’s a few things that have been and gone since campaigning began.

16 January 2017

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Some advice on #BlueMonday…

Good news! Today is statistically the most depressing day of the year! According to former university professor Dr Cliff Arnall, the third Monday in January is when it fully hits us that Christmas is well and truly over: the bills are rolling in, we’re back at work, and the weather is shit. This all contributes to us feeling down and depressed. But don’t worry, if it all gets too much, FUBAR have kindly put together a list of perfect buildings to end it all…